by Chet Klinger

Maxie Dunnam, a renowned writer and pastor throughout American Methodism, has been calling for evangelical Methodists to engage in fasting and praying modeled after John Wesley’s model.

We all know regardless of our opinions and contrived methods for influencing the church, that the head of the church is not us, but Jesus Christ Himself. And it can only be through fasting and prayer that we can hope the Lord hears us and spares us of the anguish of the trials that lie ahead.

Read the attached call for prayer and fasting and consider starting this movement with your small groups at your churches and in your community.   What better way can there be to invite non-church-going people into a fellowship to address the struggles we are all facing.  See Maxie’s call here: http://wesleyanaccent.seedbed.com/2014/09/18/maxie-dunnam/

Also check this site:   http://www.worldmethodist.org/prayerandfasting.htm

Finally, check out – The Biggest Lie – Same-Sex Marriages Don’t Affect You by the Florida Family Policy Council   Go to: http://flfamily.org/marriage/thebiggestlie/.

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