Some Notes on Dr. Timothy Tennent’s THIRTY QUESTIONS: A Short Catechism on the Christian Faith

by Bill Clark

Dr. Timothy Tennant, President of Asbury Theological Seminary, is scheduled to speak at the FLUME luncheon on Thursday, June 13 during the 2014 Florida Annual Conference. Dr. Tennant’s book, Thirty Questions, is a handbook of questions and answers for teaching the principles or fundamentals of a religion.    The following are excerpts from the Introduction to the book:

·         As Christians, we must recognize that the Western world is entering a post-Christian phase which requires a far more deliberate effort to pass down the faith in an intentional way to our children (and others) and, indeed, for all of us to understand the basic framework of Christian thought better.

·         Today, the pace of contemporary life, the exponential rise of time spent in entertainment, and the “light-weight” relational-oriented format of many Sunday school programs, youth groups, and worship services have left us with a whole generation of Christians who have only the vaguest idea as to what Christians actually believe.

·         The purpose of the (book) is to provide a thirty-day short course in the Christian faith.

 Some of the chapters in Dr. Tennant’s book include, How do we know what God is like? What does it mean that we are created “in the image of God”? Who is the Holy Spirit and why was he sent? What is the “means of grace?  And, Why is Jesus returning to judge the world?

You can read more about Dr. Tennent and his books at and

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