by Bill Clark

The following are excerpts from a commentary entitled Wesleyan Theology of Evangelism by F. Douglas Powe, Jr. – James C. Logan Professor of Evangelism.

Powe frames the conversation for a Wesleyan theology of evangelism around three terms: orthodoxy, orthopraxy, and orthopathy.

Orthodoxy is “right belief” – what we believe and how we understand ideas like salvation, Christology and so on. Orthopraxy is “right practice” – the need to practice what we believe; and orthopathy, the “right experience” – an experience of God mediated by our beliefs and practices, the way in which we experience God in an through scripture, prayer, worship, sacraments, and service to others.

Powe concludes his commentary by stating, “If our UMC mission is ‘to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world,’ then we need to be more intentional about how we are making disciples. You can read Powe’s commentary here:


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