Constitutional Amendments

A copy of the 2017 Annual Conference Workbook can be downloaded here.

Proposed Constitutional Amendments can be found in the Workbook, pages 224-228. Rationale for the the Amendments is on page 224, with the five Amendments following.

Florida United Methodist Evangelicals (FLUME) recommends you read each Proposed Amendment very carefully. Each Amendment has some good ideas, and covers some very worthy issues. However, in the final analysis, we ask you to consider voting No on Amendments 1 and 2, and Yes on Amendments 3, 4, and 5.

Each Amendment has some good ideas. Consider arguments given by the following:

The Reform and Renewal Coalition (RRC) is a group formed by Good News, the Confessing Movement, Transforming Congregations, Renew, Lifewatch, and UMAction.   A copy of the RRC Recommendations is available here:

RRC Recommendation on the Proposed Constitutional Amendments Final.

The Liberia Annual Conference (Africa) of the United Methodist Church has some very interesting assessments of the Proposed Amendments. Review them below: