Dr. Timothy C. Tennent, President of Asbury Theological Seminary and Professor of World Christianity spoke at the FLUME Luncheon June 12 about the evangelical traditions of Methodism, since the time John and Charles Wesley met with a group called the Holy Club on the second floor of a building outside of London, England.

There were 85 men and women present for Dr. Tennent’s presentation.

Dr. Tennent raised interest among the group when he addressed his concerns about Adam Hamilton’s proposals for the United Methodist Church.    Dr. Tennent contends that Hamilton’s proposal, entitled “A Way Forward,” is in no way Wesleyan in the traditional sense.    John Wesley, if he were around today, would have rejected such a thing as a structurally divided church, viewing sin as both right and wrong.    Dr. Tennent said that Hamilton’s proposal would not work, because pastors would be forced to remain silent on the role of sexual sin in the lives of believers.     He pointed us to his website to view his 7-part Response to Adam Hamilton’s “A Way Forward”at http://timothytennent.com/blog/.

In his conclusion, Dr. Tennent states that despite his deep love for Methodism, he still remains far more identified with the common evangelical witness of all true churches than with any particular outpost. Our particularity only has meaning if it is built on the great common doctrinal, experiential and historical truths, which unite all true churches together.”

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