Florida Lifewatch presented a RESOLUTION TO ENCOURAGE ULTRASOUND BY PREGNANT WOMEN CONSIDERING ABORTION.   Arguments for the resolution included giving pregnant women who are struggling with their decision to abort or not to abort their unborn child an opportunity to view the activity within their womb. This is another way to have all the facts they need so as to choose which direction to go.  The resolution, if passed, also would have declared that the Florida Conference of the UMC joyfully declares that all persons, born and unborn, are human beings, made in the image of God, for whom Christ died. One argument against the resolution was that encouraging pregnant women to view ultrasounds was a form of coercion not acceptable by the church.  This is despite a study by the Department of Family Practice at the University of British Columbia and another by the University of California agreeing that ultrasounds were acceptable and beneficial to large percentages of women who volunteered to view their unborn children. Rev. Dusty Bailey of Lifewatch emphasized that the resolution was not intended to coerce anyone, but would have hoped churches would recommend women struggling with their pregnancies to obtain all the information they could get so as to avoid harboring the guilt of making the wrong decision later in their life.   Following some confusion in the voting, the resolution was defeated by more than half the church delegates present.

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