Dr. Rev. Maxie Dunnam, one of the founders of the Confessing Movement, set the pace for the Wesleyan Covenant Network Gathering of about 120 curious clergy and laity at the Hilton Garden Atlanta airport on January 13 with a reminder to all of us about the gravity of disobedience occurring within some of the Conferences of the United Methodist Church.  Dr. Dunnam stated that the UMC today is two churches inone denomination.     

The new Wesleyan Covenant Network hopesto become an encouragement and resource to jurisdictional and conference evangelical fellowships in helping churches revive Wesleyan doctrine and prayer for the UMC.

The Gathering was attended by 120 curious clergy and laity from 45 churches in 14 states.  Clergy made up the majority of those present, and younger clergy men and women (age 50 and less) made up the majority of clergy present.Most came away inspired by the Holy Spirit and confident in knowing that the evangelicals of the United Methodist Church on “high ground” with respect todoctrine, scripture, and a desire to grow the kingdom of God.

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