Northeastern Jurisdiction Reorganization Plan

NEJThe Northeastern Jurisdiction has proposed a global structure reorganization, which would essentially add a layer of expensive bureaucracy to the United Methodist Church. It would also establish a Global Connectional Conference to replace the General Conference, and set up a United Methodist Connection in each of the four continents of North America, Europe, Africa and Asia. There would be a global Book of Discipline, as well as four connectional Books of Discipline. There would also be four connectional judicial committees in addition to the Judicial Council we now have. Each continental connection could also establish Regions (read Jurisdictions) under them, which would have Annual Conferences under them! You can read more about the general concept here:

For the full proposal, see the PDF here:

While it is hard to envision all that this might entail, a little skepticism will go a long way. Separating us in North America from the rest of the global church would make for a much more morally liberal and progressive church. This could change positions in our Continental Book of Discipline, and might mimic what has happened in the Episcopal Church, which is quite at odds with the rest of the churches in the Anglican Communion.

For an interesting analysis, see the response by Rev. Chris Ritter to the proposal:

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