Radical Christianity in A Radically Unchristian World

A Review by Bill Clark

Rev. Dr. Rinaldo (Rini) Hernandez is District Superintendent in the Southwest District of the Florida Conference. His August 2012 newsletter article talks about living a radical Christian faith in a radically unchristian world. The following are some excerpts from that article. (A link to the newsletter is provided at the bottom of this message.)

Rev. Hernandez’s conviction is that Christian faith is to be lived passionately and radically in the midst of an increasingly radically unchristian world. By unchristian, he means a world that is “progressively and aggressively” choosing to live with no consideration or respect for the teachings of Jesus. Rev. Hernandez doesn’t believe it is possible to live a light version of Christianity if we truly care about making a difference and producing a Kingdom impact on the world.

True discipleship equals radical faith – a passion in living Christian faith radically. Christianity is all about faith-sharing and faith-lived-out in our daily lives. Hernandez continues. “What is right or wrong is not supposed to be defined by culture, trends, or socially acceptable behaviors. It is defined by Christ and contained in the historic teaching of the Church,” he concludes.

Rev. Hernandez goes on to comment that his understanding about what Christianity lived out radically really is, because of what he saw in his parents as a child growing up in Cuba. He relates the trials of his parents and his childhood and the choices he made. All gave him a radical perspective of Christian life which made him take advantage of moments to share his faith with others.

Rev. Hernandez concludes his newsletter article stating, “We need to continue proclaiming with words and deeds that Christ’s lifestyle is still pertinent, meaningful and the better life-changing alternative we know for this world’s craziness and dysfunctionality. Not the Christianity-light version, but the radical one!”

Note: You may read Rev. Hernandez article at the following link: http://www.flumc2.org/pages/detail/2008. On that page scroll down to August Newsletter.

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