Reflections on the Gathering in Atlanta – by Chet Klinger

In Genesis 18: 20-33 Abraham pleads with the Lord to spare Sodom if even only ten righteous people could be found in the city.   The Lord said He would spare Sodom if even ten were found.    The fact that there were only Lot and his family did not save Sodom.   We worry about our nation and our church as we see the numbers of the righteous declining among us.  Tom Lambrecht asks, “Why be so negative?”   After my attendance at the Atlanta gathering, I am far more optimistic than I was before I went.     How I came to be at this gathering and why is a longer story than this space and time can afford.   The fact I was there, among some of the most noblest and influential and educated leaders, clergy, and laity, of the United Methodist Church made me humble and honored to say the least.  So many young clergy – men and women – changed my image of what lies ahead for Methodism.      If there are more pastors like these out there in the world who care as much as these folks showed at this gathering,   God can be pleased with this church and where it is heading.    Meanwhile Jesus in Revelation 2 & 3 reminds us there is work we should be doing to prepare for the Day of  His coming – a gospel to be spread, lives to be saved,  prayers to be said,  and churches to be revived. 

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