Reflections on the Gathering in Atlanta – by Rodney Akers

Well, even though I am past 70, I feel much younger with a Renewed Spirit after attending the WCN, Wesleyan Covenant Network Gathering in Atlanta this January 13-14 sponsored by Dr. Dunnam and the leaders of group of WCN. My friends, my pastor, fellow members of FLUME, United Methodist Men and even me would most likely say that Rodney has been too focused on the negatives of the UMC. Well this past few days has helped me come to realize this change in my attitude has been brewing for a couple of months. I have more HOPE that our Wesleyan theology will prevail. I need to focus more on Scripture, Wesleyan Theology, Revival in the UMC and Prayer but not completely forget the Social Issues and Disobedience of Bishops and Pastors to their Vows that must be dealt with.

This meeting caused me to realize our doctrine based on scripture and over 200 years of Wesleyan theology have served us well and will for the next 200 years. That we need to focus on revival, prayer and personal holiness in living out this life’s journey, now. So this next week I will be asking our local Prayer Team which I am a member to be in prayer for the UMC for Revival and devote more time to prayer. Then we can press on in keeping the focus of our local church’s ministry of making more and better disciples of Jesus Christ.

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