Remember the Future!

A Review by Bill Clark

“Remember the Future-Praying for the Church and

Change” by Bishop Schnase; published by Abingdon Press. One

early chapter is entitled, “Obedience.” Here’s an excerpt:

“Jesus says, ‘Follow me.’ The words are an invitation to an

adventurous new life, and they stimulate our curiosity, our

commitment, and our anticipation. But Jesus’ way also included a

whole host of imperatives: Go . . . Teach . . . Pray . . . Give . . .

Heal . . . Love . . …. Wash . . . Forgive . . . Offer . . . Obey.”

The excerpt continues,” When we obey, we find ourselves moving

toward those who suffer rather than turning away; we find

ourselves reaching out when our tendency is to pull back; we

discover ourselves offering an open hand instead of a clenched

fist. We discover that giving our lives allows us to receive life,

and that in losing it all, we gain more than we ever imagined. We

discover that what looks like death to self really prepares us for

new life in God. That’s the way of Christ.”

That’s the way of a disciple . . . that’s the way of a FLUME’er!


Here’s a link to the Five Practices website and Bishop Schnase’s


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