SEJ Evangelicals Meet in Atlanta

Following the gathering of evangelicals from 14 states,members of evangelical fellowships and churches within the Southeast Jurisdiction met with Joe Kilpatrick.  They mapped out a plan for engaging in video or telephone  conferences to talk about developments affecting our churches and denominations.

Individuals and group evangelicals would come together for a one-hour video or telephone on the third Thursday of each month  at 11:30 CT/12:30 ET using  a format to be announced.The sixtyminutes would be divided into three segments:  a theology topic  by a notable or respectable presenter,   a success story from within one of the SEJ Annual Conferences, and  a discussionon “best practices”.     The first conferencing  event will be announced in advance.

Attendees got to learn more about – a fascinating initiativedeveloped through Asbury Theological Seminary of over 100 videos evangelical fellowships can use to establish and nourish covenant groups.  

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