Should United Methodism Agree to Disagree?

We at FLUME do not accept Adam Hamilton’s arguments to amend our Discipline or our Social Principles to include any language that we “Agree to Disagree” on moral issues. While it is true that there are many opinions on these matters, and many people would just like to put it to rest, other well-established leaders within the church have spoken out against such a compromise.

While a statement such as Adam proposes can be seen as useful, it is only true as a description of what is felt, debated, and being thought about within our church. It should not be held up as a prescription of what is to be considered acceptable moral behavior. While many in society have accepted such behaviors, we as a church cannot allow society in any age to be a driver of the Church and of its teachings.

If we do, then we no longer believe in the forgiveness, cleansing, deliverance and transformation available through Jesus Christ. In such a case, we could still maintain the legal status of being a “church,” but we would not be part of the church of Jesus Christ.

Let us not be so quick to give up on the Blood of Jesus, which goes deeper than the stain of sin – any sin!

-The FLUME Steering Committee

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