What is Methodist Crossroads?

Methodist Crossroads is a new movement coming from clergy and laity who met in Atlanta to urge the Methodist leadership – the Council of Bishops – to restore the integrity of Methodism’s covenant and church order.

“If the Council is not able to restore unity with integrity, then we believe the healthy and mature response is to admit we are so deeply divided we are no longer one church. And the church would do well to seriously explore the option of amicable separation.”

Methodist Crossroads prays for the Holy Spirit to renew a Christ-like passion within the church to reach the lost with the good news, and fire a desire for personal and social holiness.

“We understand and share the desire for unity. But the unity Jesus prayed for in John 17 had nothing to do with denominations. Unity does not mean sharing the same name but sharing the same commitments to Christ and to doing his work in the world.”

Methodist Crossroads is asking Methodists who support their statement of Integrity and Unity to click on this link and stand with these believers that unity can be achieved if the Council of Bishops fulfill their responsibilities to “teach and uphold the theological traditions of The United Methodist Church” (BOD ¶414.5).


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